Anthony is originally from Silicon Valley. He Graduated from San Jose State University in the seventies with a B.A in Teaching-Theater -Arts only to discover that the State of California had passed the Ryan Act. The “act” passed prohibited hiring of new teachers in the state for seven years.

Equipped with a Degree and not a tangible future he went into the wonderful world of show business….He first started out doing background work in Stockton. Doing such wonderful bits in very minor shows like “Dirty Mary. Crazy Larry”, “Bound For Glory” and other big hits of the werewolf circuit

In 1975 he got a break in an Industrial Film for PG and E and earned his S.A.G. card on an Industrial Film on Safety playing a Paramedic. From there he moved to the San Francisco Bay Area doing work for the Brebner Agency doing bit parts in such television shows as “The Streets of San Francisco” and features like “Alex and the Gypsy” with Jack Lemmon and “Death Machines” for Crown International.

After doing a gig as a stunt performer in the movie “Who’ll Stop The Rain” with Nick Nolte, he moved to Hollywood to work in the production and pursue his dream to be an “actor”. From there he worked as bit player doing bits in hit television shows like “The Love Boat”, “Lou Grant” and manage to get another break in the exploitive movie “Walk Proud” with Robbie Benson…He was one of the main characters in the film as a gang member from East Los Angeles… The movie came out the winter of 1979 and “bombed”…Was shelved by Universal Pictures for the “gang activity” that was caused upon its release. (The audience was subjected to confrontations at the theater with shootings…at the screen) To this day, the movie does not even exist on DVD, tape or cable and you cannot rent or buy it. 

This was a turning point for Anthony and went into production solely. He started in 1979 into Locations in the NBC Series, “C.H.I.P.S.”…He was there for two seasons, and then went on to do other productions. “Pennies From Heaven”, “Goonies”, “The Bear”, “Harlem Nights”, “Point Break” and “Blood In, Blood Out” are among his credits….Along with several network series…. and did one film, “Ninja Busters” as a director. 

He is currently an independent producer with his own company Denarius Productions, Inc. 

A citizen of Los Angeles since 1981, he commutes between the HOLLYWOOD  and THE BAY AREA. He lives with his wife of 30 years and his two children, three cats and a desert tortoise.